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Do WARTS come from TOADS?

The origin of this theory came from a time when no one knew about viruses. A healthy person (usually a child) would get a wart for no apparent reason, other than that they had recently handled a toad. Since toads have bumps on their skin, it was thought that these bumps were then passed to the person that. That’s TOADILY an old wives’ tale!

Warts come from viruses. And yes, they are contagious. You will get a wart when you are in close contact with the virus. Some people are more prone to getting warts. Children get warts more frequently than adults. It is thought this is because their immune system is less developed.

Warts can be prevented...somewhat. Wearing footwear in areas where you are more likely to come in contact with the virus is the best way to avoid getting a wart. Places like the local swimming pool, the locker room at the gym or a hotel room are all common spots to contract a wart.

Warts can go away on their own....some in a month or two...and some after several years. Some warts are not painful, and some warts are painful. For that reason, you may decide that it’s best to treat a wart to remove it.

You can try to treat a wart on your own. Using over the counter salicylic acid preparations on a daily basis, can slowly kill the wart and remedy it and filing it lightly with a pumice stone before applying the treatment, will help you to be more successful. Remember to throw the pumice away once the wart is gone. Also be careful not to apply the salicylic acid to the good skin surrounding the wart as it can burn it and make it painful.

Many warts are stubborn and difficult to get rid of...particularly those on the bottom of the feet....and may need treatment by a chiropodist.

The treatment of your wart by our chiropodists will depend on many factors that can only be decided after evaluating the size, spread, and location of your warts, in addition to your health and lifestyle.

If you are burdened with a wart (or several of them), we can help!

Call us today for an appointment to get you started on a treatment plan to help you to get rid of them!

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