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What To Do When You Break The Skin On Your Foot?'s not a corn, a bunion or a wart! I have narrowed it down to either a Barbie shoe or a lego!

We have all been there. Walking along, bare foot, and OUCH! You step on something. Be it a Barbie shoe, lego or a piece of glass.What do you do next? Here are some simple steps to follow if you have stepped on something and it has broken the skin on your foot.

1. Check the area for any remaining foreign objects. If there is anything embedded in your foot, call your Chiropodist. Do not try to remove the object on your own as that can lead to more damage.

2. If inspection of the area shows no debris, clean the area gently with warm salt water.

3. Apply an antibacterial, like polysporin, and cover the wound with a band-aid.

4. Keep the area covered and dry. If the band-aid gets wet, replace it with a new one.

5. Monitor the site for any signs of infection. Those can include: swelling, redness, heat, red lines tracing under the skin or pus - if you see any signs of infection call your Chiropodist!

6. Remove the band-aid once the area has healed.

For individuals with diabetes, and those with nerve damage and decreased sensation, it is important to check your feet every day! It is also a good idea to sweep your footwear with your hand prior to putting them on your feet. Make sure there are no sharp objects in your shoes that could cause a wound to your foot.

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