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What does Mother Nature have to do with Callus?

Simply put, callus is Mother Nature’s way of protecting your skin. Skin is the largest organ in your body. Your skin’s function is to protect you against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus. If your skin is scratched or open, it is susceptible to infection.

When your skin is placed under the stress of PRESSURE or FRICTION, the result is a thickening of skin called a CALLUS. A callus forms in response to PRESSURE or FRICTION in order to protect the skin beneath. Callus is Mother Nature’s way of protecting your skin.

The problem arises when PRESSURE or FRICTION become excessive and callus can accumulate to a heavy layer. Calluses can lead to pain, cracking skin and/or open sores. This is particularly concerning in the case of diabetics that may not be able to feel the pain of a callus becoming thicker.

A thin layer of callus is healthy and protective. A heavy layer of callus can be damaging.

If you notice that you have callus, there are steps you can take to manage it yourself!

3 tips for Managing Your Own Calluses:

• Gently rub them twice a week with a pumice stone or a foot file. It is best to do this after bathing as the callus will be removed more easily

• Moisturize daily with a UREA based cream. The active ingredient UREA will help the cream to penetrate the thick layers of the soles of your feet. Use the cream all over your feet, but avoid applying cream between your toes

• NEVER use sharp instruments (like knives or razor blades) to remove your calluses

If you follow this routine and are still struggling with your calluses, we can help! Our Chiropodists are foot health professionals and have techniques that can safely and comfortably remove your calluses and ensure you have a plan to keep them that way.

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