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Welcome to the FOOT BLOG

My name is Erin Fairbanks and I am a Chiropodist (pronounced ker-op-od-ist). Chiropodist means foot specialist. I assess and treat people’s foot problems! That’s my job!

Every day I see people that come to see me for my advice regarding their foot issues.

10 of the most common problems we see (and TREAT!) with feet are:

1. Trouble cutting your own toenails 2. Calluses – thickened areas of skin 3. Dry, cracked skin – these can be painful! 4. Thick, ugly toenails - yuck 5. Heel pain - ouch 6. Corns – deep areas of skin that cause sharp or burning pain 7. Ingrown Toenails 8. Warts 9. Bunions 10. Diabetic Feet

Did you know that Chiropodists can help with all of these problems?

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