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How to cut your toenails in 5 easy steps!

I’m often asked by people “how should I cut my toenails?” Because nails come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, they way you cut your nails will vary slightly from person to person. However, there are a few tips that that are universal. Here is a step by step process of how to cut your toenails.

1. Wash your hands and feet with warm soapy water.

Washing your hands and feet is important to ensure a clean environment while cutting. Plus, the water will soften your nails slightly to make them easier to cut.

2. Chose your cutting tool.

The most common type of tool for cutting toenails is toenail clippers. Manicure scissors can also work. Make sure that you thoroughly clean your cutting tool with warm soapy water before and after you trim your nails. This will lessen your chance of getting an infection.

3. Trim your nails.

Cut your nails straight across, and slightly rounded on the corners. Do not cut too far down the corners as this can make you more prone to ingrown toenails. Don’t cut them too short! Leave at least 1mm of white remaining on the tip of your nails. Use small cuts to trim, not 1 or 2 big cuts! It should take at least 4-6 cuts to trim a big toenail and 3-5 to trim a small toenail.

4. File your nails.

After cutting your nails, file them carefully.

5. Wash your hands and feet with warm soapy water.

Finish by washing your hands and feet with soapy water. Dry your feet well, especially between the toes. All done!

If you have difficulty cutting your toenails for any reason, a Chiropodist is the professional to see for help! If you have any concerns with cutting your toenails, seek professional advice.

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