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Success Stories

Ingrown Toenail
'The pain is gone! The whole nail procedure was painless and thoroughly explained. I now have my balance back because I’m no longer offloading my feet due to painful ingrown nails. The result was 100% flawless' P.S

“My feet feel fantastic! I used to suffer from the worst left foot pain, the orthotics from Erin have made a BIG difference in my feet!”  S.S

“My wart was causing me so much pain; I couldn’t walk or stand comfortably. One treatment with Erin and I was able to walk the next day. I was quite impressed with the results!” L.G

General Care
“I felt very pampered during my foot care visits at Advanced Foot and Orthotic Clinic; I felt like everyone really cared about me and the staff was very professional. I am 100% satisfied!” C.E

Fungal Nails
I suffered from fungal nails for years; I was embarrassed with the look of my nails. I am quite pleased with the results from the fungal nail laser. The treatment was painless and the results were great! I would recommend fungal nail laser to anyone!” K.P